Sofa Stain Protection Melbourne

Sofa Stain Protection Melbourne

Your sofa, couches and other living room furniture add to the décor and enhance the aesthetics of your home and office. It offers comfort after a long hectic day and helps you unwind, and relax after a long day’s work.  We spend a fortune to find the perfect sofa for our living space. Our furniture needs special attention to ensure that they stay in pristine condition. Plus, if your sofa has a  light coloured upholstery; surface dust and stains become more visible. Therefore, sofa stain removal is necessary.

Sofa Stain Protection Melbourne

Tips for Upholstery Protection Melbourne

  • Wipe Down and Vacuum Regularly – It is considered the best way to keep your sofa clean by DIY cleaning. Regular vacuum and wiping-down of the sofa surface will ensure that the superficial dust, dirt, and debris are removed.
  • Avoid Keeping Sofa in The Sunlight – Aero Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne advises keeping the sofa away from direct sunlight. Direct exposure to sunlight may ruin the fabric and may cause fabric colours to fade. Thus, it is better to place it in shade without exposure to direct sunlight.
  • Regularly Check Sofa Legs – It is essential to keep an eye on the condition of sofa legs. The whole weight of the sofa, along with the person’s weight, is dependent on the legs. Therefore, it is essential to do a routine weekly check of the legs.
  • Use Home Remedies to Get Rid of Stains – Removing stain at the earliest is essential, as delay may cause further damage to the fabric. As the stain becomes older, it becomes difficult to remove them and become permanent. Therefore, we advise upholstery protection along with regular cleaning. Call on 0480090657 to get the best sofa stain protection Melbourne service.

Ways To Prevent Sofas from Accidental Stains

Our living room furniture is a costly investment. Replacing it would be an expensive proposition. Thus, it is essential to preserve your sofa from stains and dirt. If you have a family with kids or pets, it can become a huge challenge to prevent sofas from stains.

Given below are some ideas which can protect your valuable sofa from stains for a long time.

1. Purchase The Right Fabric – You should look for a fabric that is washable and can be cleaned easily. Always check the durability of the fabric. Some fabrics are easy to clean, whereas others are more difficult. Therefore, we suggest using our Upholstery Protection Melbourne services to protect your valuable, superior-quality sofas.

2. Invest in Stain Guard to Protect your Sofa – Stain guard is one of the best choices to prevent stains on the sofa. Sofa stain protection can be easily done with the help of Scotchgard fabric protection.

Reasons for Scotchgard Upholstery Protector:

A Scotchgard protector is one of the best ways to protect your upholstery from spills, stains, and dust accumulation. Our sofa stain protection Melbourne team suggests installing this asap to avoid any damage to the fabric. Further,

  • Scotchgard not only protects fabric but also extends the life and maintains the quality of the fabric.
  • Preserves the appearance and beauty of the upholstery and sofa.
  • Prevents food spills and stains.
  • Prevent accumulation of dirt, dust, and mud and prevent them from penetrating the hidden recesses of the sofa.
  • Helps prevent the growth of germs, fungi, and contaminants.
  • Increases the upholstery life and slows down the wear and tear of your sofa. As per studies, it is seen that fabric protection slows down the deterioration of your furniture by 25% and prevents stains from damaging the sofa.

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    Why Choose Aero Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne?

    Aero Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne is the leading company in Melbourne, known for offering its superior sofa stain protection service. Our team of experts is trained, experienced, and certified to deal with all types of stains. The techniques used by our upholstery cleaning professionals are customised to your upholstery fabric. Further, we use the latest technology, sustainable cleaning agents and certified and highly trained cleaning experts to offer you the best and quick service.

    At Aero Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne, we offer a wide range of services, such as sofa cleaning, upholstery cleaning, lounge cleaning, leather couch cleaning, stain removal, and stain protection service. Call on 0480090657 to book an Upholstery Protection Melbourne service.

    Change Your Habits

    To ensure that the sofa stays spotless, it is better to change certain customary habits. If you start using them with care, it will retain its fresh look and beauty for a long time.

    You need to take special care of your sofa and other furniture. If you have stubborn, indelible stains, then hire a professional sofa stain removal Melbourne company immediately. To book an appointment with Aero Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne, call on 0480090657 now. We even offer an express booking for our services over the telephone.


    1. Do you offer Scotchgard protection services in Melbourne?

    Yes, we offer the Scotchgard protection service in Melbourne and its surrounding localities. Call us on 0480090657 to book an appointment now!

    2. How long does a Scotchgard treatment last?

    Scotchgard treatment is normally provided for approximately 6-18 months. The duration may vary depending on the usage and care of the furniture.

    3. When should I reapply Scotchgard protector?

    Scotchgard protection treatment should be reapplied every six months or after every professional cleaning or hot steam cleaning.

    4. Is it worth applying a fabric protector?

    Fabric protection treatment protects your valuable upholstery from stains and even retains the quality of the fabric. Plus, it ensures that your precious upholstery remains in its original condition. Get in touch with our staff to experience the best Upholstery Protection Melbourne service.

    5. Is it possible to prevent stains on the sofa?

    Applying a fabric protector and changing some of your lifestyle habits can prevent getting stains on your valuable upholstery.

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