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Lounge Cleaning Melbourne

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Do the lounges in your office and home look dirty? Then, it is high time you hire a professional lounge cleaner in Melbourne to improve their appearance.

Aero Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne is one of the leading lounge cleaning service provider in Melbourne which offers unmatched cleaning services at a reasonable price. We use the latest cleaning methods and sustainable cleaning agents to clean and sanitise the lounge. Further, we use non-abrasive cleaning solutions that do not have any harmful effects on your lounge fabric. Our trained technicians offer hassle-free upholstery cleaning service at homes and offices across Melbourne. Call us to schedule an appointment, and our lounge cleaners will be at your doorstep in no time.

Lounge Cleaning Melbourne

Methods Used for Lounge Cleaning Melbourne Service

At Aero Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne, we use a several methods to offer you reliable and affordable lounge cleaning Melbourne services. The methods used by us include the following:

  • Lounge Shampooing: Shampooing is known as the oldest lounge cleaning method. Our professional lounge cleaners use customised cleaning shampoos and vacuum cleaners to offer you the best result. They produce lather from the shampoo that attracts the dust particles present within the lounge. They allow the solution to dry, and once the solution becomes brittle, they extract the dirt encrusted solution using highly advanced cleaning techniques.
  • Hot Water Extraction: This method is also known as the steam cleaning method. Further, this method is considered one of the most effective methods for lounge cleaning Melbourne service. Our cleaning experts use hot steam to clean the lounge. Here, our cleaning experts spray hot steam on the surface at high pressure to the loosen dirt particles present inside the upholstery. Later, they extract the dirt by using an industrial-grade vacuum machine. Further, hot steam even kills bacteria, fungus, and dust mites, making your lounge a safe zone for everyone to use.
  • Dry Powder Cleaning Method: In this technique, our professional lounge cleaners use dry powder to clean the lounge. They sprinkle the dry cleaning solvent on the lounge using a rotating machine. Then this is left to sit for 15-20 minutes. Later, they extract the powder with dirt using a high-quality vacuum. Plus, this process is quick, and professional cleaners use this while offering emergency cleaning services.

Steps Followed While Offering Lounge Cleaning Services in  Melbourne: 

At Aero Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne, we offer effective Lounge Cleaning Services to both our commercial and residential clients. Our master lounge cleaners use a simple yet effective process to cleaning your lounge:

  • Our professionals use high-quality vacuum cleaners to remove dust, dirt, and debris from the lounge.
  • We use eco-friendly cleaning solutions to clean and sanitize your lounges. These cleaning agents are designed to remove dirt, contaminants, and allergens from the hidden recesses of the lounge.
  • We sprinkle the cleaning solution using specialised rotating agitators. Further, we allow them to get absorbed by the lounge’s surface. This process ensures that the lounge is free from dirt and dust particles.
  • Once we apply the solution, we allow the lounge to dry. This step ensures that the solutions penetrate deeply into the lounge inner layers.
  • As a final step, we groom the lounge to look better. Our expert lounge cleaning Melbourne team uses various nourishing creams and products to restore them to their original condition. Further, we use only government-approved and good-quality products to ensure the safety of your loved ones.
  • These nourishing creams are applied on the lounge surface using a special method. Further, this cream acts as a protective layer against dirt and makes the lounge looks shiny and healthy.

Why Hire us for Lounge Cleaning Melbourne Services?

When it comes to having a clean house, it is best to hire a professional. Our upholstery cleaning professionals clean lounges without any hassle. We are:

  • A leading lounge cleaning Melbourne company with over 16 years of industry experience
  • We use the latest cleaning methods to offer the client a reliable lounge cleaning service with no harmful side effects.
  • Trained and certified lounge cleaning professionals.
  • Use of only safe and eco-friendly cleaning products.
  • We offer prompt and friendly responses and effective solutions to our customers.
  • We provide the guarantee of 100% customer satisfaction with a job well done.
  • Reliable and affordable Lounge Cleaning Melbourne services.
  • Available 24×7, including on weekends and holidays.

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    1. Is professional couch cleaning essential?

    Upholstery cleaning may seem like a waste of money; but, avoiding it can cause more damage in the long run. Plus, if you routinely clean your couch, it helps the furniture last longer and prevents frequent replacement costs.

    2. How frequently should a couch be deep cleaned?

    You should get you couch upholstery professionally cleaned once a year. Further, if you have kids or pets, then it is advisable to get frequent cleaning services.

    3. How frequently should I vacuum my couch?

    You should vacuum your sofa regularly to make it long lasting. Further, you should hire a professional cleaning service to deep clean your sofa once a year.

    4. What is the cost of steam cleaning a couch in Melbourne?

    The price of couch cleaning in Melbourne depends upon the size and condition of the upholstery and the area to be covered.

    5. Do you clean a leather couch?

    Yes, our technicians are trained and know multiple ways of cleaning a leather couch.

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