Clean your Upholstery Without Making These 12 Mistakes

Clean your Upholstery Without Making These 12 Mistakes

Clean your Upholstery Without Making These 12 Mistakes

Sofas, armchairs, and upholstered dining chairs can all sustain significant damage, especially if you have kids or pets. They are undoubtedly the décor pieces most susceptible to filth and stains, second only to carpets and rugs.

Occasionally cleaning your upholstery thoroughly is advised. But be careful not to unintentionally commit these frequent upholstery cleaning errors and end up harming your furniture. Have a look!

  1. Scrubbing stains instead of blotting

Scrubbing stains can push dirt deeper into the fibres of the garment. To quickly absorb spills and moisture, wipe the area with an absorbent cloth first. This will lessen the possibility that the stain will be “rubbed in,” and it will help to absorb liquid that is permeating the foam layers under the upholstery. Your furniture will sustain less internal damage the more liquid you can absorb by blotting.

If the stain is more ingrained, you might need to use a steam cleaner or an upholstery spot cleaner. Excessive scrubbing can weaken the fabric by damaging the fibres.

  1. Water-soaked upholstery

Your upholstery will develop watermarks even from simple water if it becomes overly wet. It is not advised to soak a surface to get rid of a mark or lighten a stain. Even after drying, the moist surface will bear a permanent mark. Use little water or a steam cleaner if you need to clean a wide area of upholstered furniture.

  1. Choosing the incorrect cleaning supplies

Upholstery shouldn’t be cleaned with any ammonia- or bleach-based cleaning solutions. In the worst case scenario, it might harm the fibres and perhaps result in holes or splitting. At most, it will result in discoloration.

Always determine what kind of fabric is used to cover your furniture so that you can apply the proper cleaner. If in doubt, get in touch with the manufacturer (or hire lounge cleaning Melbourne experts to clean your upholstery).

  1. Using the incorrect cleaning equipment

When blotting or spot cleaning, try to use soft microfiber towels that won’t shed lint. While removing loose dirt with a brush is a good idea, using firm bristle brushes on more sensitive fabrics might result in significant damage. Don’t overbrush, and use soft brushes when required. You can purchase specific brushes for cleaning certain textiles, such as suede.

  1. Improper use of fabric protectors

Sprays that are UV- and stain-repellent can keep upholstery looking its best and make spills easier to clean up, but too much spray penetration can be harmful as well. An excessive amount of chemical saturation might result in stains, and vigorous scrubbing can wear down and damage the materials. Additionally, it could irritate pets who rest and play on the upholstered surface or people with sensitive skin. Fabric protectors can prevent future stains and lengthen the life of your upholstered furniture by protecting the fabric from deterioration.

Some of these fabric protectors can be used at home, but the outcomes will be poor if they are applied incorrectly or are the wrong kind. In case of doubt, call our sofa cleaning Melbourne experts.

  1. Using Too Much Water

The worst enemies of your upholstery are dampness and moisture, and using water or any other liquid in excess can result in water stains, mould growth, or both. Use a water-based cleaning solution appropriately when doing so. Steam cleaning is another option for that.

  1. Not Drying Appropriately

Not drying the upholstery after cleaning is another error. The fibres of your upholstery absorb some moisture when you clean it with a liquid solution. And if this moisture is not properly dried, it will lead to the formation of mould and a musty odour.

  1. Failure to test a patch before using cleaning products.

Another common mistake people make while cleaning their upholstered furniture is failing to test cleaning products before using them to clean objects.

But it’s imperative to do a test patch before using any strong solutions, especially the first time. Apply the solution to a concealed place beneath a couch or mattress to examine its impact on the material.

  1. Using ineffective cleaning techniques

Occasionally, a minor alcohol or coffee stain might leave a permanent mark on the fabric. It’s not always the wrong products that have been used but the wrong implementation of the cleaning techniques.

  1. Not Engaging Experts

Not hiring a professional couch cleaning Melbourne cleaner is a serious upholstery cleaning error you should avoid. You can preserve the condition of your upholstery with the help of DIY cleaning. However, there comes a point when you want a professional strategy to get rid of the grime lodged deep into the upholstery fibres.

  1. Never Clean Microfiber Surfaces with Plain Water

Water can leave streaks and dried watermarks on microfiber furniture. Cleaning microfiber is better done using rubbing alcohol. Spray it on with a spray bottle, and when the stain begins to come loose, lift it with a dry, clean cloth.

  1. Don’t use fabric softeners.

Do not confuse leather conditioners with “softeners”; you must condition your leather furniture. What we’re trying to communicate is that fabric softeners shouldn’t be used on any washable upholstery. Instead of running upholstery through the dryer, use “free-and-clear” detergents that don’t contain odours or colours, and choose to line dry or dry flat.

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