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A Master Class In Cleaning Leather Furniture With Household Materials

A Master Class In Cleaning Leather Furniture With Household Materials

Our leather furniture looks classy and expensive and adds extra elegance to our living room. You may feel that leather, apart from adding an affluent feel to your home, is also high maintenance. But this is a fallacy as leather is relatively easy to clean using DIY cleaning methods. You can use regular household cleaning methods to maintain your leather furniture bright and stain-free.

Aero Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne is a reputed upholstery cleaning company in Australia, operating in all localities of Melbourne. Aero Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne uses state-of-art technology, and eco-friendly cleaning materials and uses the best quality cleaners holding the IICRC certification in cleaning. We guarantee complete customer satisfaction with our friendly, prompt and reliable service.

You know that investing in your leather furniture was a costly proposition. You would normally treat this as an once-in-a-lifetime investment. Maintaining your leather furniture in the cleanest and best possible condition is your responsibility. Leather furniture has a timeless look which increases its beauty with age. You must clean and care for your leather upholstery to avoid, stains, scratches and an unclean look.

DIY methods To Clean Your Leather Furniture Upholstery with Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne

  • Vacuuming:

With any furniture upholstery, vacuuming starts the whole cleaning process. Leather furniture is no different. Make sure you vacuum thoroughly in all hidden corners and crevices to remove all pesky crumbs and hidden dirt. You can also use a dry microfibre cloth to clean the surface of the leather upholstery gently. Make use of your vacuum’s brush attachment to clean the dirt, debris and other contaminants from beneath your sofa. Pay particular attention to cleaning away the debris hidden beneath the cushions and the sofa sides.

  • Spot cleaning:

Always spot-test a small area before cleaning the entire leather upholstery. If the particular brand of detergents or cleaning agents used by you has an adverse reaction with the leather, you will know this before the entire leather upholstery gets damaged.

  • Preventing Stains:

You must clean spots and stains as soon as they occur on the leather upholstery. This prevents them from sinking deep into the leather upholstery and becoming a permanent stain or a blemish. Ink, blood, grease and make-up stains are usually tough-to-remove stains you may find difficult to remove using DIY methods. In such a case, you can call in the experts from Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne to assist you with professionally removing such stains and preventing them from becoming a permanent part of your leather upholstery.

  • Some Household Remedies

There are some DIY solutions like Vinegar which you can use by mixing with water and creating a diluted solution. Wring out the excess water from your wiping towel or cloth and gently wipe the surface of the leather sofas and couches in your home. Always use water sparingly to clean your sofa as excess water can ruin your good quality leather upholstery.

  • Use of Leather Cleaners:

There are commercial leather cleaners available in the market which you can use to clean your leather upholstery. The use of plain water and saddle soap on your leather upholstery sometimes works wonders. Find out the type and nature of your leather furniture. Customise your cleaning methods by following the manufacturer’s instructions to avoid damage to the upholstery. There are also some leather cleaners which come with protective sealants. Select your cleaning products carefully. When in doubt, call Sofa Cleaning Melbourne’s cleaning experts. This is better than the destruction of your leather upholstery due to the use of improper cleaning methods.

  • Follow up Using Leather Conditioners:

Use leather conditioning products to maintain the shine and the original colour of your leather upholstery intact. Gently smear it on the surface of your leather upholstery, remove all excess products and buff the leather to ensure the shine of the leather upholstery remains intact.

  • Method To Remove Wine Stains

Remove red wine stains on the leather by sprinkling salt on the upholstery. The salt absorbs the wine stain. Make sure that you gently brush away the excess salt from the surface. After there are no salt grains on the leather, wipe gently with a moist cloth followed by a dry cloth. Make sure that the leather is dry after you clean it. This will prevent other fungal growth on the surface of the leather upholstery.

  • Proper Furniture Placement

One critical aspect of the care for leather upholstery is to ensure the proper placement of the furniture. Never place leather furniture under direct sunlight or near any heat sources. This will cause the leather to wrinkle, peel or fade.


Avoid costly replacements and repairs to your leather upholstery by ensuring that you take proper care of your costly leather furniture. When you are not sure about some cleaning aspects, call Couch Cleaning Melbourne to make sure that proper cleaning techniques are used. Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne services stand ready to service all the cleaning requirements of our loyal clients at any time.

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