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Lounge Cleaning Westmeadows

Professional Leather Lounge Cleaning Westmeadows

When we invest in our living room furniture, we intend it to be a one-time investment. We also invest a large amount of money in this expensive asset. Over time, with long usage, your furniture and its upholstery become a repository of dirt, germs and pathogens. Regular weekly cleaning with a scheduled professional cleaning of your lounge upholstery is essential for maintaining clean and fresh lounges and couches. After all, you want your living room furniture to present a clean and welcoming look to your guests and friends. Professional cleaning is one way to ensure that your furniture is 100% clean and completely rid of all pathogens and allergens. You may do regular DIY cleaning but this has to be supplemented by using lounge cleaning Westmeadows services to get a perfect job done.

Lounge Cleaning Westmeadows

Aero Couch Cleaning Melbourne is a well-established lounge cleaning service in Westmeadows and its suburbs. We provide friendly, reliable and speedy cleaning services since 2005. We are renowned for our quality service, professional approach and uninterrupted service throughout Australia.

Benefits of lounge cleaning Westmeadows services

You cannot entrust your lounge cleaning to any sundry local cleaner. Cleaning a lounge takes a long period of time; using professional assistance can result in the following benefits:
  • Removing all the dust, germs and pathogens from the lounge's fabric upholstery fabric improves the indoor air quality in your living room. This greatly reduces allergy triggers and helps you keep skin disorders and respiratory ailments in check.
  • Your valuable couch and its lustrous upholstery fabric lasts for a long period of time. Our expert cleaners do deep and thorough cleaning of your lounge upholstery fabric. We will completely clean all the embedded dirt, debris and allergens and reduce damage and degradation to the fabric.
  • You will no longer be facing any health hazards or allergies.
  • Our expert sanitisation and deodorisation treatment will remove all foul odours and dirty smells. Your living room will smell fresh and welcoming.
  • Our supervisors inspect that your leather lounge has been completely cleaned without any damage or permanent harm to your costly leather upholstery. You can depend on our leather lounge cleaning Westmeadows cleaning experts to give your priceless leather lounge a completely groomed look.
  • You living room will be a popular spot for gathering of friends and guests as it will sport a warm, fresh and welcoming look.
  • With a thoroughly cleaned living room and leather lounges, you will be able to completely kickback and relax in front of your furniture.

Commercial services

Your lounge is the first place that your visitors see when they enter your work premises. The quality of cleanliness and neatness of the furniture establishes your reputation for being a businessman who cares about the quality and cleanliness around him. Aero Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne offers all types of cleaning including commercial cleaning and maintenance services for offices and warehouses. We not only clean but also repair and make as good as new all the furniture in your commercial premises. This is an important service as office furniture is subject to constant wear and tear due to the constant usage. You will be well-satisfied with the quality of cleaning services that we offer.

Our List of Services

A variety of couch cleaning options are accessible from Aero Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne, including the following:

Couch steam cleaning
Couch Dry cleaning
Water extraction & restoration
Scotch-guarding couch
Mold & dust mite removal
Spot stain removal

Why Choose Us?

Experienced team
We are a team of highly experienced professionals who have a great deal of practical experience in hi-tech methods of cleaning.
Latest tools and technologies
Our expert cleaners use upgraded machines & tools as per industry standards. Our machines and tool are specially acquired by us and not available in the market.
Certified cleaners
Our expert cleaners hold the highest cleaning certifications from IICRC. We also provide regular training to them in the latest cleaning methodologies and processes.
Eco-friendly cleaning
We believe in safe practices hence use natural or eco-only use sustainable and non-toxic detergents and cleaning agents only. We only use the safest deodorizers, sanitizers & fabric protectors which do not trigger allergy reactions.
Affordable rates
Our lounge cleaning services Westmeadows are provided at reasonable and budget-friendly rates. Our charging structure is transparent, easily understood and does not hide any ambiguities.

Same day & emergency lounge cleaning Westmeadows

Please note that Aero Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne services operates all seven days of a week, including Sundays and holidays. You can book a same-day or emergency appointment at your convenience. You need not panic when you experience an unexpected spill or stain on your costly leather lounge. Call us and we will be able to clean your accidental stains and spots within two hours. Our timely, speedy, and fast cleaning service is reputed among all our loyal customers for its promptness and quality. Book your appointment today.


Do you provide stain and fabric protection as well? Ans. Yes, our services include a comprehensive range of stain treatment and fabric protection utilizing scotch guard upholstery protectors in addition to lounge cleaning services Westmeadows
How long must I wait before I may use the lounge? Ans.A cleaned sofa normally dries in 4-5 hours. This time interval may vary depending on the cleaning agents and the amount of water or solvent used to clean your lounge. Normally when we steam clean, the drying and making your lounge ready-for –use takes a longer period of time.
When is it appropriate to hire a lounge cleaner? AnsWe, at Aero Upholstery Cleaning Melbourne, recommend that you get your lounges and furniture upholstery cleaned at least twice a year .
Is it possible to eliminate pet urine stains? Ans We are experts at all types of stain removal. The wide variety of stains that we help to remove include beverage stains, cosmetic stains, oil stains, and pet pee stains. We remove even indelible stains with the use of our latest technology and eco-friendly cleaning agents.
How are we going to let strangers clean the lounge? Ans You may wary of letting in stranger sto clean your living room. But please understand we complete background checks on all our staff. All of our staff are qualified individuals who have cleared our rigorous background and credential checks. Our cleaning experts at Lounge cleaning Westmeadows make lounge cleaning look easy with their certified and trained background.  You can depend on Aero Upholstery Cleaning Mlebourne services to provide qualified and honest staff. Don’t lose hope. Call in our experts to clean your valuable furniture upholstery.

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